Building confidence, self esteem and resilience in our kids

Walk and Talk – 1 to 1 Coaching is an empowering and supportive solutions focused program boys and girls aged 8 and older

My experience has shown that some young people do not like talking about how they are feeling in a group environment, they are concerned about judgement, people not liking them or being the centre of attention

Walk and Talk takes the pressure off, they are not the centre of attention as we have to look where we are going so we are not constantly looking at each other, conversation flows easily, nature calms the mind and body instantly and brings a sense of peacefulness

Young people know more than we give them credit for, they know themselves the best and giving them the time, space, guidance and encouragement to find the answers within themselves will set them up in their future lives. Giving them the experiences of how to find the answers to their questions and how to seek help when needed

Learning to listen to yourself also teaches valuable lessons involving boundaries, values and what and who you would like to be 

Benefits of Walk and Talk

  • Future focused and solution based conversations 
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Build self belief
  • Navigate friendship issues and creating positive friendships 
  • Create building blocks to increase confidence
  • Explore ways to improve study habits
  • Support parents through the ups and downs of their children growing up
  • Understanding thoughts and feelings by learning emotional intelligence, self-awareness and resilience
  • Learn how to deal with bullying, competition, failure and life pressures
  • Create a positive body image and strong sense of self
  • Build a happy, health, inspired life
  • Learning how to believe in their ideas
  • Understanding others have the same feelings as them and there is nothing wrong with the way they feel
  • Finding that exercise and movement can help with their emotions
  • Exploring how to treat others and ourselves with kindness, care and compassion
  • Finding out how to use positive self talk and mindset to improve their day
  • Learning how to be your own best friend and why it is the most important friendship of all

Why this program?

By looking into a program like this I already see that you are a supportive parent that wants the best for their child

The older a child gets, the pull for them to look outside the family unit for information and support is greater and greater as they start looking for their place in the world

In my experience working with teens for the past 15 years I have found that the need for a good role model is even more important than ever, someone your child can have a conversation about anything and not feel judged or that they are letting their parents down

The advise I am giving is probably exactly the same that you would give but as it is not from their parent they are more likely to listen and  take it on board 

The saying that it takes a village to raise a child is true and if we are a good match then I would love to be a part of your village

What is the program?

As the program suggests this is a walk and talk youth coaching program. The walk will start from a pre determined location (ideally Collaroy Beach) and the participant and I will spend 45 minutes together. There may be times we stop and write things down but most of the time we will be strolling. 

The program can be tailored to suit each child and families needs, I can prepare topics to discuss or the child can talk about what is happening at the moment and how to navigate what they are experiencing

The first session is all about getting to know each other, there needs to be a connection for me to be able to help your child. If we both get along then I will speak to the parents about further sessions

The first session includes 15 minute parent call so we can discuss your child and what you would like to get out of the sessions and 45 minute walk and talk session with the child

The cost of the first session is $85

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