Building confidence, self esteem and resilience in our kids

STRONG Tweens is a supportive, fun, interactive and uplifting program designed to help girls feel resilient and empowered. This term based program includes one hour session each week. Each session includes all three Standing Strong components of;

Strong Body – Movement     Strong Mind – Mindset    Strong Heart – Mindfulness

Each weekly session offers a specific topic designed to encourage and inspire girls. STRONG Juniors is a proactive and preventative wellness program while also assisting girls through any challenges they may be facing.

The difference between STRONG Juniors and STRONG Tweens is that the Juniors only class has more games and activities where the Tweens class is more discussion based and has longer for mindfulness activities

During the 8 week program your daughter will learn

  • How to understand thoughts and feelings by learning emotional intelligence, self-awareness and resilience
  • How to build new and positive friendships
  • How to deal with bullying, competition, failure and life pressures
  • How to create a positive body image and strong sense of self
  • How to build a happy, health, inspired life
  • How to believe in their ideas and share them
  • How to use breathing and meditation to help them calm their mind
  • How others have the same feelings as them and there is nothing wrong with the way they feel
  • How exercise and movement can help with their emotions
  • How to appreciate others ideas as well as their own
  • How to incorporate gratitude into our day and why it’s important
  • How to treat others and ourselves with kindness, care and compassion
  • How to use positive self talk and mindset to improve their day
  • How to be your own best friend and why it is the most important friendship of all
My daughter would love to join the Wednesday class

Consider this an injection of positivity, connection and support for your daughter 

Thank you for such a wonderful class, it has helped me feel calm, happy, brave, smart and helped me make friends. It’s been so lovely being in this class

STRONG Juniors - 7 years old

Thank you for the past 6 weeks of telling me what I can do if I am bullied. It has helped me to feel happy, make more friends AND stand up for myself.

Thanks a Million – This is my life and I’m standing strong

STRONG Juniors - 9 years ols

Mel is an amazing leader/mentor. My daughter enjoys her program and I highly recommend Calm Mind Hub for all girls and young women

Mum of STRONG Junior and Tween

My daughter loved her term with Mel and really benefited so much from the weekly classes – each topic was on point and relevant, and she has been able to use the skills she’s learnt daily.

She loved meeting new friends and it gave her an extra boost of emotional confidence

Mum of STRONG Junior

Each weekly session has a strong focus on connection, belonging, kindness, support and relationship building. This program offers new topics and activities each term and can be enjoyed as a once off experience or as a continual program enjoyed over ongoing terms

Each child that comes to or programs are unique individuals and accepted exactly as they are

Acceptance, respect, support and encouragement is modeled from day one. The activities we do are specifically designed to build trust within the group which in turn, allows the girls to share more with each other. By sharing stories and experiences they will realise they are not alone and they have a wonderful group behind them building their courage, confidence and self esteem which will then spill into other areas of their life

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