Most of us are spending a lot more time than usual at home. Activities and outings have been cancelled and we are unable to see our family and friends in person.

This is a big change in what we are all used to especially our children so I have compiled a few ideas to keep your children occupied while at home.

  1. Camping at home – Set up a tent in the backyard and pretend that you are on holidays. This kids will love the adventure and being outside in nature is not only good for their physical health but also very good for their mental health
  2. Having a games day – I know my boys love board games so a Monopoly tournament, puzzles, connect 4, bingo, the game of life just to name a few. Get a tally going to see who has won the most games – or not if like me you have someone who struggles with loosing
  3.  Pajama day – Everyone loves a pajama day, no need to get dressed or leave the house. Curl up under blankets in front of the TV and watch all your favorite shows
  4. Picnic – Spend the day before planning the picnic and making sure you have everything you need. Make what you are going to eat, pack your picnic basket and esky and head to the garden for some fun family time in the outdoors.
  5. Group calls – We are all missing our family and friends so make sure you stay connected through video calls. There are plenty of different platforms to use like messenger, skype and zoom. I have caught up with my friends for drinks and nibbles on a Saturday night and it was lovely
  6. Get out of the house – Although we are meant to stay home we are still allowed to exercise. Hop of your bikes or scooters or just go for a walk. Stay close to home and away from other people but getting out and moving will help you feel better within yourself
  7. Learn a new activity – You may want to do this as a family or by yoruself. Now is the time to put your mind into learning something that you have always wanted to do. You can learn everything online these days. Have you always wanted to learn the piano? Have you wanted to learn how to knit, what about learn a language or any skill. My boys are doing an online ukulele course  and I am doing a business course
  8. Home improvements – Have you been putting off decorating the kids bedrooms, lounge or entry way? Now is the time to give it a go. Get some paint and decorate the area how you have always wanted to. Maybe your kids can think of how they would like their room and be involved in the planning. Pinterest is your friend, there is no need for it to cost a lot of money just give it a go
  9. Cooking – Teach the kids how to cook, ask them what they would like to learn and let them go for it in the kitchen. You could also use it as an educational activity about weights and measurements and the added bonus is you get some yummy things to eat
  10. DIY – My boys love DIY over the last few weeks they have made a see saw out of wood from around the house, a box den, changed the teddies in our front window to have them doing different activities,  junk modelling etc.

I hope these ideas have helped you, if you have any further ideas feel free to add them below