Worry and anxiety are important emotions to become aware of. They have a huge impact on our lives and can cause stress and discomfort. It’s important to be aware of when we are feeling worried or anxious.  

​​Below are our top tips for easing worry and anxiety.

1. Relaxation and Mindfulness
​Take time to do things that make you feel happy and cared for and things you can do on your own like painting, music, writing, art, cooking, meditation, breathing exercises or pampering yourself.

​​2. Get Some Sleep
​Sleep has a huge impact on our worry and anxiety levels. Make sure you prioritise your sleep and create a healthy sleep routine. Listening to relaxing music or meditations before bed is a great idea.

3. Nutrition and Regular Exercise
​Keep yourself physically and mentally healthy with exercise and nutrition. We really do feel good when we move our bodies and eat healthy food.

​​4. Connecting with Others
​Spend time with people you love. Talk about how you are feeling and make time for things that make you feel happy with your friends. Connection with others is so important when we are feeling worried or anxious.

​​5. Time in Nature
​Take your shoes off and feel the ground under your feet. Try walking barefoot on grass, walking on the beach or going for a bush walk.

Family activity:
​A great way to ease worry or anxiety is to get up and move.
​If your child/children is experiencing worry or anxiety this week, try going for a walk together. While you are out on your walk, talk about how they are feeling. Help them to see the situation from a different perspective and remind them how strong and capable they are. Let them know it’s okay to feel worried or anxious, however it’s also important to work through our feelings.
​Ask your child/children how they feel after the walk and share how light exercise makes us feel happier and more at ease. If you enjoy the walk together, make it a regular activity for the two of you to help reduce worry or anxiety.