There are many times when we’ll find ourselves on our own during our lives. It’s important for us to learn how to feel comfortable on our own without relying on others to make us feel better.

​​Below are some tips to help us feel less lonely when we are by ourselves.

1. Do Things That Make You Happy
​Alone time is a great way to explore what you really love. Take time to do the things you enjoy. Examples include, reading, art, music or writing.

​​2. Create a To Do List
​Alone time is great time to do things you don’t usually get time for. A good idea is to create a ‘To Do’ list so you can check the list when you’re alone and get straight to it.

​​3. Learn a New Skill
​Take some time to try learning a new skill. ​There are some great online classes and videos to help you learn just about anything!

​​4. Get Your Body Moving!
Get your endorphins going! ​Try exercising or dancing in your room to boost your happy hormones.

​​5. Study or Do a Project
​Use your alone time to catch up on homework, study or do a fun DIY project.

​​6. Turn on Some Music
​​Music has a special way of lifting us up and making us feel good. Try listening to music that makes you feel good.

​​7. Positive Self-talk and Affirmations
​Surround yourself with positive affirmations. You can place them around your room and say them out aloud.

Family Activity:
As we get older, we start spending more time on our own. Although this is an important part of growing up, often we are not taught how to use alone time as a positive experience. Many children (and adults) feel sad or lonely when they are on their own. Today’s activity is designed to help children think more optimistically about being alone. As a family, set aside some time during your week for everyone to have 20-30 minutes of time alone. Talk about what you will each do during your alone time (refer to your Top Tips for ideas) to help you feel happy. After your alone time, discuss how you felt while you were alone and how we can use our alone time to recharge and feel good