As children get older they want to be more like their peers and may decide to change their likes and dislikes to ​suit the group they are in rather than being true to themselves and allowing them self to be different to the people around them​

Individuality is an important part of embracing who we are and being true to ourselves. It is not always easy. There are some things we can do to help us with individuality.

​​Below are our tips for embracing individuality

1. Embrace Your Habits and Quirks
​Become aware of the little things you do that might be different to everyone else. Embrace these differences, own them and be proud of them, they make you, you!

​​2. Get to Know Your Personality
​How would you describe yourself to others? The more you know about yourself, the easier it can be to embrace your individuality.

​​3. Find Out What You Like
​Take time to get to know what you like and the things that bring YOU happiness, then do these things often.

​​4. Know Your Strengths
​Ask yourself, ‘what are the great things about me?’ Focus on your strengths, lift yourself up and celebrate all that’s great about you.

​​5. Know Your Challenges
​What are your challenges? What situations do you find difficult? It’s important to embrace your challenges as much as your strengths.

​​6. It’s Okay Not to Be Liked by Everyone
​Remember, you are not responsible for other people’s happiness. If they don’t like something about you, that’s okay!

Family Activity:
This week try talking more about individuality at home as a family. It’s a great idea to talk about friends and family, people you know and celebrities who embrace their own individuality. Talk about the positives and how being true to ourselves can boost our confidence. Also, try doing something this week to show your child how you embrace your own individuality! Remember, you’re their biggest role model! Be brave and give it a go.