As a child it is hard to believe that you can do something when you haven’t done it before, it is scary or ​you don’t know what is going to happen

Believing in ourselves does not always come easy, so it’s important for us to prioritise self belief! That might sound strange, but it’s important to do things that help us to feel more confident, self-assured and strong within ourselves. We have to learn how to be our own biggest fan and cheer ourselves on! Below is a list of top tips to help you boost your self belief.

Below are our top tips on helping children believe in themselves

1. Positive Self-Talk
​Pay attention to the things you are saying to yourself, replace negative words with more positive and empowering words. For example, replace “I can’t do that” with “If I keep trying, I will get better”

​​2. Visualisation
​Close your eyes and visualise yourself doing the things you want to do with your life. See it in your mind and feel it in your body. Use your imagination to see yourself achieving your goals.

​​3​​. Support Networks
​Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Share your goals and dreams only with the people you know will cheer you on!

​​4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
​Try new things and meet new people. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more your confidence grows. Confidence can help you to have greater self-belief.

​​5. Challenges Vs. Strengths
​Try as hard as you can to find a positive side in every situation. Even the challenging times you face. 6. Have a Role Model Have a positive role model who inspires you. It’s important to have face to face role models (someone you actually know), as well as online or celebrity role models.

​​7. Be Proud of Yourself
​Reflect on times you have been proud of yourself for doing great things. Hold onto these memories, especially when you’re experiencing self-doubt.

Family Activity:
Start building a strong culture of self belief within your household. During your family time together, start asking each other what the great things about you are. Encourage your child/children to become comfortable with speaking highly of themselves. If they are unsure, ask questions. Help them to see the wonderful things about them and remind them of their achievements. Share with them how you believe in yourself. If you find this difficult that’s ok, it’s a great chance for you to start boosting your self belief too. Start thinking about all the great things about you and your achievements and share them with your children proudly. Remember, you are their greatest role model.