There are so many things around us that show us what the media perceives what the perfect image of a parson should be and realistically it is not what the people around us look like

We are all shapes and sizes, have different hair, different coloured skin and ​ways we like to dress.

Most of us have days when we look in the mirror and don’t feel 100% about the way we look. It’s important to have some special little rituals in place to help pick ourselves back up when we are having one of those days. The following top tips are designed to help you feel good about you, from the inside out!

Below are our top tips to help with body appreciation

1. Self-care and Self-love
​Do things that make you feel good and put time into yourself to help you feel happy. Self care can help us to build a positive relationship with ourselves and our body. It’s important to find the things you enjoy. Remember, everyone’s self-care is different!

​​2. Healthy Lifestyle
​Regular exercise and eating healthy foods are great ways to make our bodies feel good. When our bodies feel good, it can be easier to feel more positive about them!

​3. Challenge Yourself
​Challenge your body. Try something you’ve never done before. Build a strong connection with your body for what it can do. Make sure you give yourself positive recognition for your progress!

​​4. Change Your Focus
​Focus on what your body does for you and how it feels, instead of focusing on what it looks like. Writing a regular list of the incredible things your body does is a great way to keep focused on this.

​​5. Positive Role Models
​Look for people who make you feel good about yourself. It could be friends, family or even in the media. A great tip is to find people who live a healthy lifestyle and take care of their body. This includes self-love!

​​6. Talk to Someone
​If you’re not feeling good about your body or you have questions or concerns, make sure you reach out by talking to a trusted adult.

Family Activity:

It’s important for everyone in your family to be mindful of the way they treat and speak about their bodies. If someone in your family speaks negatively about their bodies, it becomes easier for others to do the same. Pay attention to the language used about your bodies and flip negative words into positive ones. Instead of saying ‘I hate how big my nose is’ flip this to ‘My big nose helps me to smell and makes me unique.’ If you notice your family speaking negatively about their bodies, flip their words into positive ones too! This will create a positive household where everyone appreciates and respects their bodies.