Change can be difficult to go through, especially when we are faced with an unexpected change, or the change is out of our control. Learning to adapt to change is an important life skill and is something we can all learn.


1. Find Comfort in Things You Love
When we go through changes, it is helpful to do things we love. This can help us to feel comforted as these things usually feel familiar and safe to us. An example is cooking your favourite meal, painting, playing an instrument, watching your favourite movie or playing your favourite sport.

2. Talk to Someone
When we experience change, it’s important to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Sharing our feelings with others can help us to feel comforted. It can also help us to see things from different perspectives and explore ideas of how to make the situation easier.

3. Remember Things Will Settle
Change is often short-term discomfort. This means things usually get better with time. Whenever we have change in our lives, we go through a period of feeling unsettled. As time passes, we usually begin to feel more comfortable and settled.

4. Look at the Positives
There can be many positives with change. Although it might be difficult at first, try writing down potential positives to the changes happening in your life. This is an activity you could do with a trusted adult or friend.

5. Try something new
Adapting to change can become easier if we try getting out of our comfort zones regularly. Trying new things on our own terms when we feel ready is a great way to help us adapt to change when it happens


Dealing with change can be a very challenging experience for children. One way we can help our children to embrace change is to talk about it. It’s important to help our children explore change from a positive perspective. This week at dinner time, ask each person in your family to share a difficult
change they went through a year ago. As a family explore the positive things that have come from that change. This is a great reflection activity that helps children to see the positives that can happen when we face changes, even if we didn’t realise it at the time

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