We all have difficult times in our lives. This could be times when we feel like we aren’t good enough, we’re failing or times when others hurt us. These times can be very hard and can bring us down. Resilience is having the strength and support to get back up. It’s important to not let difficult times get us down for too long.

Below are our top 6 tips to help build confidence in our kids

1. Family and Friends
​​Have a close support network of friends and family around you who can support and be there for you.

​​2. Perspective
​​Try to take a moment to look at things from an outside perspective. Ask yourself whether you will care about this in a year or even in 6 months’ time. This can help us to not feel down for too long.

​​3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
​Try new things and meet new people. By doing this, you learn how capable you are of creating new experiences in your life. This builds confidence and helps with resilience.

​​4. Keep Learning and Growing
​Keep focused on where you are going and what you want for your future. Try not to let difficult times hold you down from moving forward.

​​5. Stay Connected
​Try not to push people away or hide away from others. It’s so important to stay connected.

​​6. Positive Self Talk
​​Pay attention to the things you are saying to yourself and replace negative words with positive and empowering ones. For example, replace “today has been the worst day ever” with “tomorrow will be a better day”

​A great way to build resilience is to put things into perspective and focus on moving forward from difficult situations. This week at dinner, go around the table and ask everyone to share a challenging situation they have experienced this week. With each situation share ideas of how to move on from that situation in a positive way, for example; look at what lessons can be learned and how they can be applied to future challenges.